Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IMANA serving at Aimer Haiti Clinic

In upcoming posts, IMANA will be acknowledging partners without which we could not have been effective at delivering the health care needed by the people of Haiti during this crisis.  Aimer Haiti is one such partner.  They established the clinic in Port-au-Prince which on its first day was staffed solely by IMANA doctors.  Since then, other medical teams such as NOAH-NY and a team of medics from Tacoma, WA have joined IMANA at the Aimer Haiti site and its capacity has significantly increased.  May they be rewarded for their efforts.  To learn more about Aimer Haiti, click here for an English translation of their homepage, or click here for the original in French.

In future posts, we will describe the critical logistics provided by partner Comprehensive Disaster Relief Services (CDRS), which has coordinated the arrival of IMANA volunteers and physicians from other groups in Haiti. 

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