Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dr. Qureshi Talks to CIOGC

The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago reports:

Chicago Muslim Doctors return from Haiti

Haiti may be fading from the front pages of the news, but relief groups from all across the globe are still working very hard to provide aid to the devastated nation. Council-member, The Islamic Medical Association of North America has sent six teams of Doctors and medical personnel to provide emergency medical care to those affected by the massive earthquake.

“In a country of 9 million people, there are just 2,000 physicians,” said Chicagoan, Dr. Imran Qureshi in an interview with the Chicago Crescent after returning from a week on the ground in Port-au-Prince. “I led IMANA team 5 in setting up a mobile medical facility out of an amusement park and we saw between 500 and 800 patients a day.”

This is not Dr. Qureshi’s first medical relief trip. He also volunteered in Gaza last year. From pediatric dehydration and broken bones to infections and headaches, IMANA and other medical teams have to address a myriad of needs with limited resources.

“Gaza already had some sort of medical infrastructure, even though it was poor,” Qureshi said. “In Haiti, they had nothing. We had to invent a medical facility and set up and OR from scratch.”

Although preliminary aid has reached Haitians, he urged people to keep on giving as it will take several months, if not more, for them to get back on their feet.

“I especially worry about the upcoming rainy season. What will happen to all the people in stick tents?”

The Council has already sent more than $25,000 of YOUR donations to Haiti.

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