Thursday, February 11, 2010

IMANA Relief Team 5 Volunteer Will Be Tweeting From Port-au-Prince

Editor's Note:  Mansoor Khadir is one of the IMANA Relief volunteers leaving this coming weekend for Port-au-Prince.  Mansoor will be using Twitter to communicate updates from the field.  You can follow his tweets from the sidebar of this blog throughout his stay in Haiti.  Here, Mansoor shares some of his initial thoughts before leaving this weekend.  
@MansoorForHaiti: Fortune of Circumstance

The final item on my IMANA Relief Worker travel checklist is a prescription of Malaria fighting medication that I need to pack for my trip. I have been advised to start the medication immediately so that I won’t be susceptible to the disease if infected. 

I am fortunate to live in circumstances where I can preemptively reduce my chances of infection from such a deadly disease. There are many people that do not have my fortune - especially the Haitians I am about to meet.

With my fortune of circumstance in hand - Haiti will be my destination and IMANA Team 5 will be my companion. I'm giving Haiti as much of who I am so that they can restore as much of who they are. So let's start by saying; Mansoor is for Haiti.

My name is Mansoor and I am the Logistics guy for IMANA Team 5, which is scheduled to arrive in Haiti this weekend. I have volunteered to help IMANA facilitate their services and treatment for the Earthquake victims of Haiti.

I would not have volunteered for any other organization - I am helping for Haiti - but it is by the grace of IMANA’s reputation. I have confidence in the operation both in terms of quality of treatment and rate of success. Already my first triumph has been to be awarded the privilege to be a IMANA volunteer.

I am hoping that with an IMANA volunteer badge on hand that I might be able to use Twitter throughout my visit to Haiti. As this weekend approaches and as I climb aboard the train of relief work - I plan to use Twitter to help capture the events, the stories and the people of IMANA’s Haitian Clinic. Simply put - I plan to capture evidence of the restoration of the Haitian spirit.

Stay tuned to IMANA’s Relief Blog as I plan to provide Tweets of my days and nights from the Haitian capital. My name is Mansoor and I am the Logistics Guy for Team 5... and I'm for Haiti.

Mansoor Khadir

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  1. Looking forward to it. We will be following your updates.